A smart looking, chemical-mixing retention system that makes sense.

A Unique System....
with 2 built in mixing chambers and a swirl chamber, that reduce a drop of water to hundreds of micro bubbles, allowing the chemical to mix and react 5 times faster than a standard retention tank.

This concept allows us to reduce the overall size of the system substantially. Only 12 inches of floor space . (12" x 60")

The system is constructed of all polyglass, noryl, and PVC materials. It is pre-plumbed, 1-inch throughout and has 3/4" drain for blow-down. Should there ever be a need for gas-off, a tapped port is built in and capped off.

  • Out performs a 120 gallon standard retention tank.
  • 5 year warranty

Tank Specifications

  • FLOW RATE: 24 G.P.M.
  • CHAMBER SIZE: 1 Inch
  • IN/OUT: 1" Threaded
  • PRESSURE DROP: 2 Lbs @ 60 P.S.I.
  • # OF MIXING CHAMBERS: 2 Internal
  • # OF SWIRL CHAMBERS: 2 Internal
  • BLOWDOWN DRAIN SIZE: 3/4" Ball Valve
  • Patent #7600911

10” RETENTION TANK (80 gallon equivalent)
Available for use with Hydrogen Peroxide or O-Zone Systems.
Call for information and pricing.

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