The Eco Type Mineral Extractor for non-threaded tanksThe Eco Type Mineral Extractor
for non-threaded tanks

The MINERAL EXTRACTOR offers an inexpensive way of removing the expelled bed of any size or height tank without removing the tank. It works with water pressure, not suction. It will work on any and all type beds, and will even remove the gravel bed if needed.

The MINERAL EXTRACTOR has a sealed cavity that is filled with liquid silicone to lubricate the "O" ring seals on the riser tube. The main body of the MINERAL EXTRACTOR carries a 5 year guarantee against cracking.

Directions for use:

  1. Remove control valve and riser tube from tank top.
  2. Slide black adapter on top to bottom of riser tube near the tee.
  3. Thread Eco Adaptor to bottom of black adaptor. Clamp assembly to top of the tank as valve would be clamped onto tank. Push riser tube down to bottom of mineral bed. (Tee will stop at gravel bed)
  4. Connect garden hose to inlet adapter.
  5. Turn water on and mineral will be pushed out of the tank with water pressure at outlet spout. (Will remove 1 cubic foot of resin in approximately 90 seconds.)