Chlorine Tablets
(Calcium Hypo-chlorite Type)

Chlorine Tablets (Calcium Hypo-chlorite Type)The Odor Master one-gram tablet is formulated with an additive to reduce the white chalky build-up (calcium sulfite) that forms when chlorine is injected into hard water.

Our tablet is also the hardest chlorine tablet on the market today. It is pressed to a minimum of 4,500 pounds per square inch.

Pool chlorine is 60% to 65% active ingredient. Our tablet is 73% chlorine. Our tablet is E.P.A. registered for use in potable water, unlike pool chlorine.

Our tablet will last longer due to its hardness and increased strength. The harder the tablet, the more controllable it is (tablet will not mush up). As an example, one bag (2.2 pounds) of our chlorine tablets will treat 10,000 gallons of water with a 2ppm solution.

NOTE: Our chlorine tablet is also E.P.A. registered for well sanitation and the pill dropper type chlorinators. This Chlorine is shipped as a Consumer Commodity. There is no UPS Hazardous Material Tag required.