The UNIVERSAL CHEMICAL FEEDER will operate on a varying pressure such as a home well system or on a constant pressure such as a sprinkler or pool system. When used as a constant pressure system, the optional rate of feed valve (No. 20) must replace N0. 11 valve as received. A charcoal filter must follow the CHEMICAL FEEDER on a varying pressure system for proper operation. Tests have shown that one cube of coconut shell based activated carbon is the best carbon to use (grade 9/50, mesh 8/30). We recommend installing the CHEMICAL FEEDER and filter tank before or after the softener. If installed before the softener, the filter will need periodic back washing. There are seven positions for varying the amount of chemical feed. Rotate the top cap (No. 7) so there is a hole showing through the level desired. There are two hole selections for each hole in the cap (No. 7). The smaller hole will dispense the greatest amount and selecting a lower hole on the cap will increase the output. Approximate chlorine readings using a 42 gallon pressure tank out of the CHEMICAL FEEDER per pump cycle in PPM, for each hole are: 1=2, A=3.5, 2=8, B=13, 3=30, C=40 and with no holes showing, the off position is 60 plus.

These readings are obtained with no iron or hydrogen sulfide using the chlorine. Variables that will change the dilution are: pressure tank size, large volumes of water flow while pump is building pressure to shut off, horse power of the pump, and a water logged pressure tank or air pressure is low or high in the air bag. The CHEMICAL FEEDER will dispense the same amount of chemical for each cycle of the pump from maximum to minimum pressure. When used on a constant pressure and flow it is necessary to replace the valve (No. 11). Replace it with the optional adjustable valve (No. 20). It may be necessary to install the optional screen filters (No. 19) in the top inside hole of (No. 8) and screen (No. 18) in the adjustable inlet hole when using chemicals other than chlorine. When using the unit for constant pressure and flow such as a sprinkler system or pool; install the unit on the output to the sprinkler heads or on the return line to the pool. The adjustments for the varying pressure system should have no holes shown through in the off position. The amount of chemical dispensed is controlled with the adjustable valve on the outside of the unit. It may be necessary to adjust the unit if flow is increased or decreased.

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