About Us

Nelsen CorporationOn May 1st Nelsen Corporation finished the acquisition of the Automated Pure Water Product Line and patents from Jerry Bechtold, president of Automated Pure Water. We hope your transition from APW Inc. to Nelsen Corporation will be smooth and uninterrupted. We are excited to offer this unique product line and want to help you serve your customers with the technical support, often unavailable with others in the water industry. 

  • The "Model 400" non-electric chemical feeder was developed for use in places with or without electrical power
  • The "Mineral Extractor" has developed into 6 different styles with the use of tank adapters developed for a variety of proprietary or various applications
  • After removing media from the tanks, an easier way to refill by using the "Media Loader"
  • The Patented saturation-type "Chemical Mixing" retention tank and the "Sand Trap" are available in multiple sizes
  • Single and Twin Chambered "Static Swirl Mixers" in various lengths and sizes