About Us

Jerry Bechtold - Automated Pure WaterHi, I'm Jerry Bechtold, owner and President of Automated Pure Water, Inc. In 1980, after turning over my retail stores to my two sons, I wanted to concentrate on the further development of the ideas that play an important part in the water treatment industry. That was the beginning of "Automated Pure Water, Inc."

We first developed the "Model 400" non-electric chemical feeder for use in places with or without electrical power (this unit is often confused with a similar looking chlorinator that is used for pools).

Following the Model 400, was the birth of the "Mineral Extractor" which has grown into 7 different types with the help of the numerous tank adaptors we have available for various applications.

After removing all that media from the tanks, we needed an easier way to refill, thus creating the "Media Loader".

I believe our greatest achievement was the saturation-type "Chemical Mixing" retention tank and the "Sand Trap", now available in multiple sizes.

We have also developed single and twin "Static Swirl Mixers" in various lengths and sizes.

Please browse through our site and see our complete product line. We are responsible for bringing these products into the marketplace.*

*We do not represent any other companies in selling their products.